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Our network is about growing offices, numbers and moving millions of tonnes per year. It is about our people too – because when situations grow complex and decisions need to be made, there is unmatched experience and ingenuity.

With our overseas partners, we have over thousands logistics professionals and itself, 650 strength in 16 countries to serve 31 cities and steadily all working as one to create a seamless local to global network -

The key within reach by working together

West to East and Asia-Pacific, local A-Sonics personnel maintain long-standing relationships with valued partner operations, coordinating every step for accomplishment –

Whatever it takes

Clearly, our partners of each one carefully selected as leaders in their local market – are all immersed in A-Sonic Logistic people-oriented culture to provide local expertise in even the most remote locations.

So, wanting a practical solutions or refocusing logistics management, talk to A-Sonic Logistics Group –

Total solutions within reach