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A-Sonic Logistic Solutions builds our core values on four cornerstones:


A-Sonic Logistic Solutions has a People-Oriented Culture

1People-Oriented Culture

People is our biggest asset and the key driver to achieving our vision. We are always on the lookout to recruit and train new people. In tandem, we continuously provide education and skills upgrading programme to our existing staff. We want to help our people to reach their full potential, ready to take on any challenges that come our way.

Innovation at A-Sonic Logistic Solutions


We leverage on continuous innovation and advancement made in technologies, processes and methodologies in our business process, products and services in order to build a sustainable competitive edge and to provide quality services to our customers.

Developing Global Network at A-Sonic Logistic Solutions

3Developing Global Network

We believe in developing an integrated global network where local operations can support one another on the global stage. Doing so will allow us to orchestrate supply chain cum logistics activities with ease and to deliver high-level customer-satisfying services.

A-Sonic Logistic Solutions is Well-Customer Centric

4Well-Customer Centric

Our success will always be measured by our ability to sustain long term partnerships, to retain our customers and even to grow our customer base. We are passionate in serving our customers and will always go that extra mile to understand and fulfill their requirements.